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Dit boek is ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands: Nederland.png De Legende van F'ril de Drakendoder.

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Author William Goodwin.

The Legend of F'ril the Dragonslayer is a trilogy of fantasy novels by William Goodwin about a boy named F'ril and his legendary adventures as a dragonslayer. As is the case with all of Goodwin's books, the trilogy is set in Half-world.

The trilogy comprises:

  1. Fire-Breather - first published by Goodread Publishings February 1, 2009 in Lovia as The Fire-Breathing Foe
  2. The Seven - first published by Goodread Publishings March 1, 2009 in Lovia as Seven Slayers
  3. Nine-Head - first published by Goodread Publishings April 1, 2009 in Lovia as The Nine-Headed Sea Serpent

A one volume edition of the trilogy was released by Goodread Publishings May 1, 2009 in Lovia. At the end of the month the publisher released a Dutch translation by David Goodwin, the son of the author and current owner. De Legende van F'ril de Drakendoder won the Boeker Prize 2009 in the category Fiction.

With the new publications Goodwin Publishings hopes to reach a audience ranging from young-adults to readers in their early twenties, which explains why all the original illustrations were left out.

As of May 22, 2009 both the English and Dutch editions are printed by Drukkerij Neyt. The one volume edition is 1211 pages long and is only available in hardcover, but the three separate parts can be bought as paperbacks as well. All books are for sale at Libris.

Fire-Breather Edit

In this first part of the trilogy 12-year old F'ril, helped by an old, banned sorceress, fights the dragon which has been terrorizing his village for years.

The book is 466 pages long.

The name of the dragon, Rourodath, means "fire-breathing foe".

Blurb Edit

For years now the remote village Eworo has been terrorized by the fire-breathing dragon Rourodath. The Eworans are hard-working and peaceful people, but know not how to defend themselves and fight. And their new ruler, the foolish King Bulfolt, isn't planning on taking any action. Most of the time the villagers manage to content Rourodath with a piece of their harvest, but year after year Rourodath demands and destroys more. Fortunately there is F'ril, the young but brave son of farmer Rilaugh. After yet another horrendous attack by the dragon F'ril decides to train to fight the dragon. Of course almost no one in Eworo thinks he is up for the challenge, even his older brother Ang'ril, mocks him. Who does believe in F'ril, is the outcast Ethina, a so-called "herb lady" (a sort of medicine woman), who is accused of witchcraft and driven out of the village. Together they prepare for the duel that will determine the future of the village and F'ril.

The Seven Edit

In this second part of the trilogy F'ril gathers a team of seven (himself included) to battle a dragon couple. The story takes place in the land of Therelia, two years after F'ril has defeated the dragon Rourodath.

The book is 498 pages long.

The names of the dragons, Kaurdul and Bangoror, mean "nail-tooth" and "flame-horn", respectively.

The Seven of the title are (in alphabetical order):

  • Burfar - a dwarf, dwarfs are generally looked down upon in the country of Therelia;
  • Estylt - a female elf who disguises herself as a boy because only men are allowed on the team;
  • F'ril - the leader of the group, the only one to have actually fought a dragon before;
  • Halyz - a petty thief;
  • Goduz - from the far land of Ara, a former knight with a drinking problem;
  • Ler'mor - the oldest of the group whose family was killed by a dragon;
  • Nicemu - a book-smart librarian who wants to convince his parents of his courage.

Blurb Edit

Two years after he has defeated the dragon Rourodath, F'ril has become a true national hero in the land of Therelia. Therefore King Bulfolt calls upon him to gather six magnificent warriors and to lead them into battle against the dragon couple Kaurdul and Bangoror, who are blocking the main passage to the fertile valley of Sydanash. F'ril accepts the task and sets out to travel across Therelia to assemble his team. But the task turns out to be harder than he thought, because only a few people believe F'ril is capable of actually leading a team, and even fewer are willing to risk their lives. Moreover, working together isn't always as easy either between the seven very different characters.

Nine-Head Edit

In this last part of the trilogy F'ril travels to the land of Elmtin-Luzur to battle a nine-headed dragon-like sea monster. The creature is based upon the Hydra from Greek mythology.

The book is 511 pages long.

The name of the sea monster, Nalagedra, means "nine-headed".

Blurb Edit

After his heroic actions in Therelia F'ril is famous around the entire world and enormously popular. Nevertheless, the 16-year old F'ril is also very lonely. His father, Rilaugh, has recently past away and F'ril has lost all contact with his brother Ang'ril. When Queen Ryn'yera of Elmtin-Luzur, a country far to the south, asks F'ril for help, the young man doesn't see any reason to stay in Therelia. The queen's is facing a terrible threat: the Great Port of Gelm is under constant attack of Nalagedra, a nine-headed sea serpent, making most trade impossible. Ryn'yera provides F'ril with the Water Wolf, one of the greatest ships the world has ever known and a crew that is worthy of sailing her. Amongst the crew there is Enoden, the beautiful and passionate daughter of Lord Denmos. F'ril and Enoden get along more than well, but there is also Prince Raesur, the pompous son of the Queen who tries to court Enoden.

Covers Edit

The new covers are also proof of the publishers' marketing towards a broader reading audience. The covers were unified, partially by establishing a clear theme, namely the game of chess. The main character F'ril is first represented as a 'pawn' and eventually as a 'king'.

Quotes Edit

  • 'Weapons and strength lead not to victory', spoke the old herb lady. 'Fire does. Know how to inspire the fire within you, and you stand a chance.' To which she added: 'of course my magic and knowledge will help.' (Fire-Breather)
  • The elf was not who she claimed to be, but weren't they all? (The Seven)
  • 'Bravery is foolish when metal is all that stands between you and a monster', noted the experienced former knight. (The Seven)
  • 'You and Enoden? Ha!' Raesur sneered. 'Perhaps fame can be gained, but titles, I assure you, cannot.' 'Neither can good manners, apparently,' Enoden replied, 'or good looks,' which struck a sour note with the vain prince. (Nine-Head)

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