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Goodwin Publishings
Goodwin Publishings is an international publisher lead by David Goodwin which publishes primarily fiction. The published works are available in different languages, mostly in Dutch and English.

Its headquarters are based in Companies Place. Goodwin Publishings is known as a solid company with high activity and attention for detail.[1] In the fall of 2009 the publisher bought the East-Libertan football club FC Skeend. Goodwin Publishings is now its main sponsor.

The books are for sale at Libris and are available on loan at the Van der Sype-Library.

History Edit

William Goodwin

Founder WG handtekening.

The company was founded January 30 2009 in Noble City , Lovia by the popular fantasy writer William Goodwin, as Goodread Publishings. The name was a playful combination of William's last name and the English expression a good read. William was planning on internationalizing the company but would never see those plans come to fruition due to his sudden passing away.
Goodread Publishings

The original logo.

On May 21 2009 William's proud and driven son David Goodwin officially took control of the company. In honour of his father he changed the logo:
  1. Goodread became Goodwin
  2. the icon was changed from a book into a dragon, a symbol of fantasy, the genre William so dearly loved.

David, bilingual, kept the slogan 'A Guaranteed Good Read', but also came up with a Dutch alternative: 'Lezen is leuk' ('reading is fun').

On May 22 Goodwin Publishings made an agreement with Drukkerij Neyt to have new books in Libertas automatically printed by Neyt. In Lovia the company prints the publications itself.

On June 1 the publisher launched its website which is hosted by Santos IIC.

Publications Edit

Only works availably in English are listed below. For a full list of publications (in Dutch), see here.

The Legend of F'ril the Dragonslayer

Footnotes and references Edit

  1. Neyt, Dimitri hr. 'Goodwin (Lovia) vestigt zich in Libertas.' Het Esdoornblad May 22 (2009).

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