Platinumwiki oudewijk

Platinum Wiki in the Old Quarter

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Het Platinum Wiki Hotel is een groot hotel, gelegen in de Oude Wijk, Civitas-Libertas en de Luchthaven van Wikistad.

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All the hotels can be found around tourist attractions.

Old QuarterEdit

The building is a 20 floor skyscraper build in Art Deco style. On the top floor a restaurant is placed with one of the best views in Libertas. When the weather is right you can see Civitas Libertas and Companies Place clearly. You can find the building on the Romeinse Heirbaan and the Gallische Straat, but you can see it from every place in Wikistad.

Civitas LibertasEdit

The Civitas Libertas Hotel can be found on Tussen-zee-en-land, with it's entrance facing the sea. The building is white and surrounded by tree's and a lawn. Platinum Wiki CL is the biggest and most luxurious hotel in Civitas Libertas. You can find a swimming pool in the basement of the hotel and a tennis field on the left side of the roof. A restaurant can be found on the ground floor, this restaurant is famous in Libertas for it's good food and great service. On the sixth of august 2007 it received three Michelin stars and by receiving them is the first restaurant in Libertas in the Michelin guide.

Ontworpen door Peter Loovens.


The Airport hotel is a small hotel build to service travelers. The biggest part of the hotels clientèle are business people who missed planes or had to stay for a night. The building is in eco-architectural style and completely autonomous.






In 2007, the Platinum Wiki Hotel in the Old Quarter received the Golden Wiki Award for its excellent facilities and services.