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Sjabloon:Goodwin Publishings reclame eng Goodwin Publishings guarantees a good read, whether you're in the mood for a simply fun book or one that has a little more to offer.

Boeker Prizes for father and son Goodwin (06/09)
Yesterday evening the Boeker Prizes, the Libertan literary awards, were presented live on Q-TV. De Boeker Prize for Fiction was awarded posthumously to William Goodwin for his fantasy trilogy The Legend of F'ril the Dragonslayer. Son David received the prize in the category Adaption for his translation of The River of Oto. Just like he did with the book, David dedicated the prize to his deceased father.
Washington to attend reading of translation (20/06)
Goodwin Publishings is glad to announce that the famous Lovian writer Lars Washington will attend David Goodwin's reading of De Rivier van Oto, his Dutch translation of the original short story by Washington. The reading takes place on Thursday, 9 July, starting around 19.00, at a lecture hall of the International College of Libertas.
Before and after the reading Goodwin will also be signing autographs, and there will also be a small bookstand handing out up to 20% discounts.
The company
Goodwin Publishings is an international publisher which publishes primarily fiction. The published works are available in different languages, mostly in Dutch and English. Goodwin Publishings is known as a solid company with high activity and attention for detail. [source: Neyt, Dimitri hr. 'Goodwin (Lovia) vestigt zich in Libertas.' Het Esdoornblad May 22 (2009)]
Goodread Publishings
William Goodwin
The company was founded January 30 2009 in Noble City , Lovia by the popular fantasy writer William Goodwin, as Goodread Publishings. The name was a playful combination of William's last name and the English expression a good read. William was planning on internationalizing the company but would never see those plans come to fruition due to his sudden passing away.
On May 21 2009 William's proud and driven son David Goodwin officially took control of the company. In honour of his father he changed the logo: 1) Goodread became Goodwin 2) the icon was changed from a book into a dragon, a symbol of fantasy, the genre William so dearly loved. David, bilingual, kept the slogan 'A Guaranteed Good Read', but also came up with a Dutch alternative: 'Lezen is leuk' ('reading is fun').

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Al-Biruni Street 1, Industrial Park, Noble City, Sylvania, Lovia
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Goodwin Publishings doesn't just find reading fun but also important. That's why every time we publish a new book, a brand new copy, including an English one (if available), is donated to the Van der Sype-Library. Get your library pass now!
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